Printing industry integration continues to deepen

Fusion applications continue to deepen
The integration of the printing industry is mainly reflected in four aspects, namely, the integration of culture, the integration of the industrial chain, the integration of digital technology and the integration of new technologies.
The printing industry plays an important role in the inheritance and dissemination of culture. It has the inherent property of integration. At present, many printing companies have embarked on the road of cultural printing and become a model of cultural integration and development. For example, Ya-chang (Culture) Group Co., Ltd. takes print as a starting point and uses IT technology as a means to make full use of its own artworks and big data resources to get out of the unique development path of "printing + art + internet". Another example is the Shanghai Printing Group, from traditional printing services to cultural and creative products provider to "culture +" to drive the development of printing companies.
To extend the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to achieve the integration of the industrial chain, but also many printing companies are exploring an important way. The publishing and printing industry chain includes the planning, editing, printing, distribution and logistics of publications. The transformation from publication printing to comprehensive solution providers such as on-demand printing, data management, distribution and logistics, An important direction of planning In this area, Sheng Tong shares in the book, packaging, commercial diversification development, while seeking the integration of the development of the industrial chain, 2016 wholly-owned acquisition of children's robots quality education leader Le Belambo, to build education, publishing culture integrated services Ecological circle; Shandong Linyi Xinhua Printing and Logistics Group, the use of geographical advantages, open up the printing, logistics industry chain.
Digital printing business contains extremely rich content: digital printing, that is, digital printing; digital printing process, that is, digital process; digital printing management, that ERP, MES and other information management systems; digital printing business mode, That is, printing e-commerce, online e-commerce, etc .; expansion of printing business model, that is, the application of big data and cloud computing, which are the integration of the printing industry and digital. In terms of new technologies, with the advent of media convergence, the application of nano-technology, laser holography, VR technology, AR technology and RFID technology has been deepened in the field of press and publication, and its application in printing enterprises has also been gradually expanded.