Safe operation essentials

1. Before starting the machine, check each handle, button, safety guard is in the predetermined position. Note that other people around the machine should be in a safe place;
2. The machine is running, not allowed to touch the running paper products, cuttings, etc., only after the shutdown, before cleaning up the machine or channel blockage;
3. After the machine is commissioned, check that all the tools or other objects have been removed from the machine, and then slowly move the machine a week to avoid accidents;
4. All safety devices must be completely and effectively repaired or replaced in time for any faulty parts;
5. If the machine suddenly stopped for some reason, posted window machine press the "emergency stop" button to lock. Check the reason, until the troubleshooting can restart the running machine.
6. Before restarting the machine, carefully inspect the moving parts (rollers, shafts) of the machine, remove the pieces of paper and debris from these parts, and confirm the reliability of the position. Be aware that other people around the machine should be in a safe place. Do not operate without permission.