Application of bronzing process

1. Ordinary gold, laser gold stamping. Can be used for most products, including gold, silver, laser cards and glass card on the stamping, its application is more common.
2. Positioning holographic bronzing. Holographic laser positioning of aluminum in the design of a special process applications, with the corresponding security patterns, can greatly enhance the product's anti-counterfeiting capabilities, but also improve product quality. This kind of aluminum is generally produced domestically. Compared with foreign imports, the price is cheaper, but the bronzing performance is slightly worse. Holographic laser positioning of the aluminum foil on the bronzing temperature, bronzing pressure and speed control, and even bronzing models have a great relationship.
3. Special application of aluminum in the process. After the first hot stamping is a cigarette label design and printing industry's new ideas. The application of the technology of aluminum high requirements.
4. Directly gilding the surface of UV Varnish. The process itself is very demanding on UV varnish and hot stamping aluminum, in the varnish coating, pay attention to control the size of the oil, as far as possible to ensure that the entire batch of products coated with light oil is relatively stable, and the reservoir should be thin, flat ; For the bronzing of aluminum, it is required to achieve high temperature, have good adhesion, and Varnish has a good bronzing adaptability (Varnish used in the resin type and hot stamping heat in the aluminum Melting match). In all the products, the scope of application of this process is small, in addition, the aluminum foil in gold, silver ink and dumb oil bronzing on the foil surface and gold foil have high requirements, if the gilding surface ink particles larger Or rough surface, will have a direct impact on the normal gilding.