The structure of the flat window post window machine introdu

Flat window stickers window structure simple introduction under the advantages of window machine:
In the production of non-stop machine can adjust the position before and after the paper, glue before and after the position, around the film position, the adjustment of the three positions is very convenient and quick, very simple, convenient and fast replacement of products. The main structure of the window laminating machine is composed of paper feeding parts, positioning parts, printing glue parts, filming parts and delivery parts. All-steel frame structure, durable.
   We have a simple introduction from the structure of the stick window machine under the advantages of stick window machine:
   The feeding area is the most important part of the entire machine. The main advantages are: pumping belt at the bottom of pumping paper, continuous feeding without stopping the machine; intermittent belt conveyor using frequency control, according to the length of the paper can be adjusted intermittent transmission length; multiple conveyor belts are equipped with gear and rack device can be Adjust the left and right belt position.
   For the paper feeding site, the plastic part is the key:
   The main functions are: double high hardness pipe roller drive glue, tube roll eccentric support installed, adjustable glue thickness; using flexible stencil printing plastic, stencil shape can be engraved according to the needs of the product; Line, install the template is accurate, convenient and fast; plastic around the position can be adjusted, before and after the position adjustment using the positive regulator to adjust, you can not stop adjusting the plastic around the location.
   Film parts are Promise speed device can be adjusted without stopping the film length; the use of roller knife automatically cut the length of the film; automatically squeeze out the film serrated line; automatic slit film openings (such as facial tissue boxes); the use of suction tube The roller suctions the film onto the carton. Can be adjusted without stopping the film before and after the position.